To help make a difference to the environment, the SFFC membership process has gone online ! We are so excited to have all of our 2020 membership renewals going electronic as we look to streamline our processes for the future.

We will no longer be sending out your renewal paperwork for season 2020 as your membership can now be purchased on our website as of November 1st, 2019! This should make everything easier for all of our wonderful members.

We do however understand that sometimes people are unable to complete things online.

For those who are unable to use a computer to fill out the membership renewal, we ask that you print, complete and return the form to our office via email, fax or post.


Important Notes using our Membership Portal:

  • You can use the same account for both Team Store and Membership Portal.
  •  If you were members before then most likely we already have an account for you. If you can't remember your password, please feel free to click forget password and reset you password.
  • If your email is not registered then please register for a new account.

We are here to help ! Please call the office on (08) 9335 1555 if you are having any issues with your membership.