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Formed in 1900 by Griff John and Tom O’Beirne, South Fremantle Football Club has a remarkable history of both team and individual success and we need your continued support as we look to add to the deeds of those that have come before us.

Whilst not achieving the ultimate goal of Premiership success in 2018, it can still be considered a solid season none-the-less. The League team once again played off in the Preliminary Final, Marlion Pickett was a scintillating winner of the WJ Hughes Medal and we debuted 10 new players along with building a very talented and committed group of young players who could play together for the next 8-10 years. Whilst we farewelled champions Ashton Hams, Ryan Cook, Shane Hockey and Cory Dell’Olio, we have still retained enough quality and experience to compliment this up and coming group of youngsters and continue on as a team capable of playing deep into September.

A full calendar of social events and fixtures will be made available early in the new year along with details of the improved benefits you will receive as a member of South Fremantle Football Club. This will include utilizing your membership card to activate discounts at, not only Fremantle Community Bank Oval, but at businesses within the South Fremantle Family such as Benny’s Bar & Café, Bistro Bellavista, Farrington Drycleaners, McDonalds and many more. A full directory of these partner businesses, as well as full details of how to maximise your member benefits, will be available in early 2019.

For those of you that spent time at Fremantle Community Bank Oval in 2018, you will have noticed an improved atmosphere and service quality due to our partnership with Benny’s Bar & Café. Ivan and Nelson and their staff have certainly made a difference and we hope you have enjoyed the changes this year.  

Our new partnership with Cool Perth Nights has delivered the successful live music venue – ‘Rock Rover’ – which is situated within our facility and this has been a great initiative that will assist in our long term future. Look out for the gig guide of events on Rock Rover’s Facebook page as live music now has new home in Fremantle.

Thank you for your loyal support and we appreciate you getting on-board again in 2019 as we usher in another season of WAFL football and aim for success on and off the field.

Best Wishes

Tom Bottrell